Mr Bowler - Arne van Os van den Abeelen - started his working life in the international musical instrument industry. He has played music all his life. Flute and drums were his main instruments and still are. He repaired, build an designed guitars and made copies of historic instruments. He worked as director of Public Relations/Public Affairs/Marketing and Advertising for various companies and governmental institutes. He is an educated Coach and Mediator. But still there always is music. He likes all kind of music. "You've got good music and bad music. And good music is what I like and bad music is what I don't like. As simple as that." He loves to write about music. Reviews, interviews, articles, you name it. His broad knowledge, he studied Music Management, and appreciation of the industry makes it easy for him to get in touch with artists and everyone around the scene. Being asked to do promotional work for artists made him interested in starting his own
music agency. And he did!
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