What we do

What we do

Managing, booking, coaching, marketing and promoting of bands and performers, that's what we do. We take pride in getting them on stage/record and being sure the audience/listener has a great time.

And we have the services of Top Producer Niko Tsonev and The Cat's Cave Recordings to help you to get your music recorded.

Managing & Coaching

Musicians want to make music, record it and perform it on stage. You can do that, that's the easy part. But is it enough? If you think it is, keep dreaming. 
Music is business if you want to be taken serious.
Taking care of business and the artists themselves is what Mr Bowler does. 
You can only deliver an ace performance if things are taken care of and you feel good. 
More than ever you need a plan to succeed in your musical career. 
Mr Bowler has a longtime management experience and was trained as a coach (and mediator, which comes in handy sometimes). Just that bit more than usual.


"We want to come over to Holland and you have to book us for 4 gigs. And of course we will be headlining a gig in one of the really famous venues". Or, "we have made an album and now we want a big tour to promote it".
Okay, we love to do that, but who knows you? 
How much stage experience do you have? How many people do you think that will show up? 
Really international big names we can do without a problem. But if your big in your own country and not outside it.... well then we have to work on that first! And we love that too.
We will never say yes if we think it will not work. You don't want four gigs with 15 people showing up for each gig. That will cost you a s*&tload of money. That's not what you want,you want an audience!

Marketing, Public Relations and Promoting

Mr Bowler has years and years of experience in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing. And yes, all the new marketing techniques are known and can and will be used. The marketing analyses model for bands is a unique tool that Mr bowler has developed. And with the right marketing strategy you get where you want to be. On an album, signed by a label (or not, because sometimes that's a better deal), on stage. Of course your music has to be good and your stage presentation too. But wasn't that the easy part?
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